Level 1 Yoga Classes

For students within their first year of yoga practice or anyone looking to develop their understanding of the foundational aspects of poses. Recommended for students new to yoga or with less than one year of practice at a gym or in another style of yoga. Safe body alignment and body awareness are taught through practice of the poses.

Level 2 Yoga Classes

For students with the strength and body awareness to work on inversions and arm balances. Prior experience and understanding of safe body alignment required.

Mixed Level Yoga Classes

For beginner through intermediate students. Poses are taught in stages to allow students to reach their own level of ability in each class. Strength is developed throughout the session and inversions are introduced after the first month of a session, but students are encouraged to practice to their own level.

Gentle Yoga Classes

For anyone looking for a gentle or relaxing class option with emphasis on stretching, releasing tension, and relaxing.


Prenatal Yoga Classes

For pregnant women at any level of yoga practice. Class is focused on releasing tension while maintaining muscle tone and overall health. Doctor’s or midwife’s written permission is requested.

Restorative Yoga Classes

For anyone wanting deep relaxation. Class begins with active gentle stretches, followed by passive poses designed to allow deep rest.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

Go with the flow as your breath brings fluidity to your movements. Core poses make up the foundation of this class and pace may vary. Suitable for all levels.

Kids Yoga Classes

Little Yogis (ages 4-6)   This is not your Mommy's yoga class...but she can come along too! Our classes are packed with poses, games, music, dancing, stories, and great fun. Each class has an overall theme which may have us surfing the waves, visiting animals on the farm, or even going on a teddy bear picnic. Our "breath bears" will even help us practice controlled breathing and self-calming techniques. Let's face it...what preschooler (or parent of a preschooler) couldn't use that? Come and play!

Discovering Yogis (ages 7-10)   Children will learn the importance of appreciating nature, themselves, and others, as well as character words such as balance, compassion, responsibility, respect, joy, and kindness. Classes include gentle yoga poses, stories, cooperation games, connection to nature, and even a bit of science along the way. Come play as we engage in relaxing, healthy, fun activities without competition, labels, or scores!